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The Passionpreneur Mini Workbook

Designed Passionpreneurs & Aspiring Entrepreneurs






The mini business plan


Having a blueprint for a business is the key to success. One of the key aspects of starting a successful business is due diligence (research), a well thought out plan and a strategy for action. 

This A6, pre-business mini workbook will help to ensure that aspiring entrepreneurs have the basic business mindset and skills in place such as; Passion, Leadership & Management, Branding, Marketing, Price Strategy and so much more.


Support aspiring entrepreneurs . . . . by giving their business/business idea a firm foundation to develop, grow and thrive.

















What does it do?

The Passionpreneur mini workbook asks 40 questions, some which may not have even been thought of and many that all business advisors will inevitably ask.


It provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to really think through what they want from a business and how they are going to make an impact on:

  • Their business,

  • Themselves,

  • Their customers,

  • The environment,

  • Society.

The Passionpreneur mini workbook is a fundamental must-have for:


  • Starting a business

  • Re-strategising a business

  • Developing the much-needed business habits and routines that are required when planning on setting up a business.

Here's how it works...


Aspiring entrepreneurs will discover the 40 steps that are needed to ensure their business success.


Aspiring entrepreneurs will spend time going through the 4 sections of the Passionpreneur pocket workbook and answering each of the 40 questions.  


After answering each of the 40 questions, an aspiring entrepreneur will need your support  to complete any gaps and guide them towards

their next steps.   




Who is for?


The Passionpreneur Mini Workbook caters all types of sectors and industries and is suitable for:

  • Pre-starts,

  • Early-stage, 

  • Those requiring a new strategy

In addition, it can identify:

  • Key support and guidance needed to develop the business,

  • Specialist business advisors/mentors,

  • Networks to join for further support and guidance.

Hi! I'm Jacy

I'm a business coach and consultant, and since 2009 I've helped hundreds of purpose-led and purpose-driven Passionpreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to take action in the development of both their careers and their businesses.


With a Masters degree in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education, I came to realise the THREE major steps that people miss when it comes to career transitioning and starting a business.  

The Passionpreneurship workbook programme is step one. 

The Passionpreneurship Purpose and Profit Journal, Planner & workbook programme is step two. 

Taking ACTION is step three

Take a sneak peek inside

A simple to complete mini business plan/workbook to ensure aspiring entrepreneurs get the basics right in starting a business/side hustle 

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Support Passionpreneurs & Aspiring Entrepreneurs to start taking action, whilst avoiding costly mistakes, saving time, money and energy

A dream that is written down is a plan. 


A plan followed by action becomes a reality.

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