Career Alignment


It's All About Wellness Strategies, support those seeking, purpose-driven careers to live Authentically on Purpose.

We do business planning slightly differently instead of discussing the plan we support you by taking direction ACTION from day one.


Free Career Consultancy

This 30min free career consultation is designed to support you on your journey by taking your passion project idea to explore how you can turn it into a profit. During the call, we will identify your career goals, aligning them with your intentions, talents and skills. 


Passionpreneur - Pocket Workbook


So you’re thinking of turning a passion into a business/side hustle. . . .

 Well before you go investing in a web designer, registering a domain name, and printing business cards, make sure you’ve covered all the basics, in knowing how to set up and what it will take to run a business. 

Passion Landscape A6 flat Single WKBook.
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Coaching and Consultancy 


Six 1:2:1 session, using the Passionpreneur Purpose and Profit Workbook. Designed to turn your idea to reality.  


The Working from Home Planner 

With #WFH planner you can plan out your year from the date of purchase so you don’t have wasted pages, keep track and delegate tasks so jobs get done set yearly, monthly, and even weekly goals and so much more

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Passionpreneur Landscape Book Olive Mock

Journal, Planner and Business Plan Workbook

A DREAM written down is a GOAL, A Goal broken down into steps becomes a PLAN, A Plan backed by ACTIONS becomes a REALITY. 

Mindfully designed to get from point A to point B in your business or career. Allowing yourself to focus on your career, relationships, health and ultimately your authentic self, as you become mindful of the things you think, say and do


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