Turmeric: the natural super botanical that supports your wellbeing and makes curries taste delicious.The turmeric plant hails from South East Asia and has been used for thousands of years as a natural aid for digestion as well as a cooking spice. Like ginger, it is from the Zingiberaceae family, and its health benefits come from its roots.Curcuminoids are the active plant compounds found in turmeric and make up 2-6% of it in total. Curcumin is the main curcuminoid and has been identified as its most important active ingredient. It’s also what makes turmeric yellow.Turmeric is commonly used to facilitate digestion, so it helps your body digest food.Nature’s Garden turmeric capsules have 400mg of high-quality turmeric. Just take one turmeric capsule two times daily with meals or open up the capsule to make a tea with it – whatever works best for you.Natural herb food supplement with 400mg Turmeric per capsuleTurmeric has been used for thousands of years as a cooking ingredient

Turmeric Natures Garden 400mg



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