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It's All About Wellness Remedies, support those seeking, purpose-driven careers to live Authentically on Purpose. When you journal all that is important to you, you’ll begin to realise what matters at the core of your wellbeing, Things like what you love doing, what your talented at, skills that come naturally to you. 


By knowing the type of person you are, you’ll begin to realise what you require and what you need. By knowing this, you can consciously start living a life that matches your personal identity with your professional identity which is also often called being in alignment with your spirit/soul.


7 Days on Purpose Journal


This guided journal acts as your personal companion and self-actualisation guidance while allowing you to live as your authentic self for 7 days as you journal your passions, core values, set life and career goals with intention, show up with integrity and Live on Purpose. 

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Journaling and Consultancy 


Six 1:2:1 sessions, using the 7 Days on Purpose Journal. We will highlight aspects of your life that may be holding you back and align you to express the highest version of your authentic self.

Planners & Workbooks

A DREAM written down is a GOAL, A Goal broken down into steps becomes a PLAN, A Plan backed by ACTIONS becomes a REALITY. 

Mindfully designed to get from point A to point B in your business or career. Allowing yourself to focus on your career, relationships, health and ultimately your authentic self, as you become mindful of the things you think, say and do

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